Asphalt Testing Core Drill – A Recent Customer Testimonial

Asphalt Testing Core Drill – A recently available Customer Testimonial

Asphalt Testing <a href=””>Core Drill</a>

We receive customer testimonials on a regular basis, however people are not as detailed and flattering because this one from Bruce Wehr, of Asphalt Materials, Inc.

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�The Kor-it trailer mounted coring rig has allowed Asphalt Materials, Inc and Heritage Research Group to provide promptly want to our asphalt recycling contractors. Be simple create and operation means our pavement sampling operation to become more understanding of contractors and engineers request asphalt recycling mix designs. Getting the unit self-contained over a trailer allows us the pliability of operating having a various people in many different locations. We had arrived so impressed with our original purchase we recently ordered a second trailer mounted coring rig to satisfy our growing needs. Without these products our amount of time in area of retrieving samples would a lot more than double.�

– Bruce Wehr, Asphalt Materials, Inc

If you�re searching for asphalt testing <a href=””>Core Drill</a> system, then look no further. Extremely popular with DOTs, Highway Contractors, and Geo Technical Labs around the globe, the KOR-IT K-160 models are merely the best self-contained asphalt testing core drill systems in the market. With the gasoline powered engine, there�s no requirement for a generator. With all the K-160�s easy-to-use drill positioning system, you don�t require a be described as a pro at backing up your trailer to locate your drilling target. Last but not least with KOR-IT�s unmatched LIFETIME WARRANTY, you don’t have anything to concern yourself with for the lifetime you possess this equipment!

Use the form on this page to <a href=””>contact</a&gt; us today when you have any queries on this American made asphalt testing core drill system.

KOR-IT is often a California-Based manufacturer, established in 1958. Our items are proudly Produced in The united states. For more information on KOR-IT visit our Facebook Page or find us on Google+. Interesting support!

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